The Houston real estate market is trending up, and at the same time interest rates are expected to rise. With that said, if you're hoping to make a move any time soon but were just waiting for the right opportunity, there may not be a better time than now.

Don't wait until the "right" time!

Some of the things that may be holding you back is trying to pay off a mortgage or trying to make the necessary repairs to the property before you can sell it, or even trying to cover a tax lien because you believe that may be a huge blocker in selling the home before you can move. While this may be true for a normal real estate sales process, it's not the case when it comes to getting a cash offer from an investor.

Home Buyers Houston offers fair cash values for people looking to sell their home in an as-is condition. They're currently working especially with homeowners who are still facing catastrophic damage from Hurricane Harvey. Many of these homeowners weren't covered by their insurance and are unable to pay for the repairs on their own. That's where the investment company comes in and can help them get out of a really terrible situation. 

They are pretty transparent with their process, and their team works directly with you in every step. They'll describe their entire strategy in their "how we buy houses" page, from the moment they get in touch with you until the moment you're able to close on the house and close that chapter of your life.


Don't get stuck in a bad situation

Regardless of whatever condition the house is in or what kind of scenarios are taking place, there's always another option. Don't get boxed in thinking that there's no way out, or worse, there's only one way out -- what the bank tells you to do. You don't have to lose the home without having anything to show for it. Contact the home buyer company now and find out how much cash you get put in your pocket before it's too late!

A home is a great asset for many people, but it's also a "large" asset. For some, selling a home can be easy, depending on the neighborhood and class of society. But for others, selling a home can be a real challenge. Here are some scenarios when selling a home provide to be difficult.


After about 10 years, things that start to happen with a house include:

  • Roof issues or leaks
  • Foundation cracks
  • Plumbing/Piping breaks
  • Appliances fail
  • HVAC system blows up

just to name a few. In any of these cases, repairs on the structure can be substantial, even beyond what the homeowner can afford, and can even prevent the homeowner from inhabiting the property. If the repairs can't be made, then the only option is to sell it to recoup losses or get rid of a mortgage. But without the repairs, most people searching for a home aren't interested in purchasing a property that has so many issues, and real estate agents may not even be willing to attempt to list and show the properties.


A homeowner loses their job, has medical needs, or some other event which occurs and prevents them from being able to afford their home, and then the clock starts ticking until foreclosure. When a home is foreclosed, the home is taken away and the homeowner loses all equity. They lose their home and get no cash in their pocket. Sometimes a real estate agent will attempt to sell a home before foreclosure, but in many cases they're unable to do so within the timeframe. Selling a home in the traditional sense requires a lot of steps, such as the new buyers getting pre-approved with a mortgage company, having an appraisal done, inspections, repairs, negotiations, closing and title transfers. The entire process usually takes 1-2 months. A foreclosure can happen within 30 days, so that's simply not an option.


An inheritor often doesn't want anything to do with a property, much less bother spending the money on repairing it and having it listed in an MLS, especially if it's not local to them. It becomes more of a burden and they'd much rather have it taken off their hands quickly and easily.


In every one of these scenarios, most people's go-to is to have a real estate agent list the property, but there's another way. A real estate investor can actually purchase a property in far less time than the traditional process. Unlike the normal steps, a real estate investor actually prefers if you don't spend the time and money on repairing the home because it leaves margin for them to benefit from it. They'll be happy to take the home off your hands without repairs, without listing agents, and will usually cover the closing costs. You also don't need to wait on any sort of appraisal or mortgage companies, so as a homeowner you can begin conversations, have a visit to your home, negotiate a deal, and have cash in hand within 7 days. You can check out this we buy houses Houston company to learn more about how you can sell your property quickly and get a fair cash offer in as little as a week!

Also check out this infographic on the differences between a real estate agent and a real estate investor.

 Credit for information and infographic in this article goes to Sell My House Easy Fast.